Power / Arm / Activation Harness

The RSR Power/Arm/Activation Wiring Harness provides a clean and simple way to install the RSR Air Shift Module.  This harness will provide power supply to the ASM, along with activation for kill by shift and autoshift features.  This harness will also convert your horn button into your air shifter activation – while still retaining the use of your horn if desired.  You’ll still need to wire the engine kill portion of the ASM – either to the ignition coils or fuel injectors.  We also offer a Coil Kill Harness to make that plug and play as well.


Completely plug and play
No cutting, crimping or soldering
Mil-spec Tefzel wire
Insultherm braided fiberglass sleeving
Complete installation instructions included

*Bike Specific Harnesses do not include wiring to ignition coils or fuel injectors.  They include a toggle switch to change your horn button to your shift request while arming the air shift module.  They also provide power and ground to the module and air shift solenoid.  You can add a Coil Kill Harness, or wire the coil/fuel kill to your specific application.

*Note – Mating connectors to the Air Shift Module are not included with this wiring harness.  They are included with the RSR-ASM Kit or RSR-ASM-FL.  If you need these connectors, they are # RSR-ASM-CON