Fuel Injector Test and Clean

Fuel injectors are often overlooked when preventative maintenance needs to be performed. We all change oil, tires, chains, sprocket and spark plugs – but we rarely think about our fuel injectors unless a major problem occurs. Our new GB-800 Machine allows us to carry out a variety of testing procedures to fully inspect and document your injectors.  Static and multiple dynamic flow rates are taken on the injectors before and after cleaning in our heated ultrasonic bath.


Hard Starting, Rough Idle, Sooty Exhaust, Lack of Performance and Poor Part Throttle Acceleration are all symptoms of dirty injectors. Fuel injectors are often overlooked when preventative maintenance needs to be performed. 

How do they get so dirty?

Oxygen additives in racing fuel like MTBE can cause injectors to quickly build up tarnish and a sticky film on the pintle an diffuser plates. The same can be said for pump gasoline with 10-15% Ethanol when engines ran hard. The heat from the engine can cause the fuel to quickly evaporate and leave a film on the injector tips.

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives may work for some applications to clean some parts of the injector (if one remembers to add it to the tank), but how do you know if they really work if you can’t see or test the results on every injector? With the Fuel Injection Testing and Cleaning you get to see the testing results before they’re cleaned and then the results of the testing after they are cleaned. 


Charged per injector plus return shipping. Check out the link for the current price!

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  • Each injector is numbered for reference
  • Coil Resistance Test
  • Leak Test to see if the injector seat or spring is dirty or weak
  • Spray Pattern Testing by visual inspection checking for dirty or blocked diffuser plate or pintel
  • Dynamic Flow Testing rates are documented at multiple RPM’s and sweeps.  
  • Static Flow Testing is documented
  • Heated Ultra-Sonic Cleaning to remove varnish and carbon
  • Backflush to remove cleaning solution and any debris from inside the injector
  • All above testing is performed again
  • O-rings and Filters are replaced as needed
  • Injectors are packaged and shipped with documentation and lube for O-Rings.