Why Ryan Schnitz? In one word – Experience.

We have 20 years of racing and dyno tuning experience. Every motorcycle that comes in is tuned by Ryan Schnitz on our Dynojet 250 Load Control Dyno. He knows exactly how important it is to have a smooth-running engine that makes predictable and controllable horsepower. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Ryan will ensure you leave with the best running and performing engine available for your fuel system and modifications.

Nitrous, turbo, or normally aspirated engines on gasoline, E85 or methanol are no trouble.

Your time and money is important. 90% of our customers drive 60 miles or more to have us tune their motorcycle. We offer same-day tuning with your scheduled appointment. You are invited to stay and watch the entire process from start to finish. We actually prefer it!

Fuel and Ignition controllers are able to do more and more every year. We are familiar with all popular brands including Power Commander, Bazzaz, ECU Reflashing, Yoshimura EMS, AEM, Microtec, Motec, and others.

ECU reflashing is available! We can reflash to remove internal restrictions and to raise the RPM limiter or do a complete custom configuration for your racing needs.