Very Professional and Informative

I would like to commend you and the Schnitz Racing Staff for providing a very professional and informative drag racing school on 07/12/12-07/13/12. The information I gained from RSR School is priceless and will be immensely useful when applying the many techniques learned at your school. Your one on one critiques after each pass during track day were extremely beneficial and kept me focused on my “Target!” I appreciate your professionalism and individual effort to assist your fellow drag racers to become better at our sport.

RSR’s contribution to Motorcycle Drag Racing is invaluable and I am glad that I attended your school. The benefits and experiences I took away from the school are everlasting. I will highly recommend the RSR Drag Racing School to my drag racing friends.
-Tim B.

More Consistent

I would make a solid pass before and then go out and wheelie the next time so there was no consistency. I am able to now keep things within a few hundredths and still be aggressive.

What I find a bit ironic is that although I gained from the track portion, I learned quite a bit in the classroom. I went down there thinking that because I  have been racing bikes for a long time I did not have much to learn: I was wrong!
-Earl E.

Thanks so much!

Just wanted to say thanks very much for your time this week. The RSR Drag Racing School gave me lots of new information and helped me progress greatly. It was good to be able to take what we learned on the classroom day and apply it at the track the next day. Your feedback at the track, including reviewing the video, was extremely helpful. Also, your calm “just do it” approach to having me learn to do a burnout put me at ease and it worked! Just learning the burnout put me way ahead of where I was. As a result of your help, we dropped 0.6 seconds off my E/T in one day
-Eylse M.


I did Ryan’s first–class and it was awesome. This is a great way to learn the in’s and out’s of drag racing if your a novice or a great way to get your overall program tighter if you are an experienced rider. He is a GREAT teacher and a great guy!
Josh F.

Worth every penny

It was worth every penny. You did a great job and really prepared and had your stuff organized. Great job!
-Kyden M.

Making money

After going to the RSR Drag School this past year, I can now say that I MAKE MONEY Racing now. I’ve been to the final round in every event I’ve competed in. I no longer second guess myself and have a proven routine that makes me more consistent and confident.
-Ron H.