Full pricing will be announced when future classes are scheduled.

Crew members who want to sit in with a student during the classroom portion of our course can do so for $295. There is no charge for crew members during the track portion.

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Our complete Drag School features a full day of classroom time to cover every aspect of motorcycle drag racing.

  • Track – How the timing system works
  • Reaction Time – How to improve and be consistent
  • How we learn – No one is born knowing how to race
  • Visualization – How to win before leaving the house
  • Weather – This is an outdoor sport
  • Bike Prep – Can’t win if it won’t start

Day 2 will be spent at the track putting this information to the test to work through those stubborn bad habits and help improve new ones. Each student will get personal guidance based on his/her experience and comfort level.

Do you provide a motorcycle? No. We are not selling you a “racing experience”. We want to retrain your bad habits and allow you to gain new skills on YOUR motorcycle. We feel that providing a school bike would not allow you to gain the confidence you need when you travel back to your local track.

Do you offer a track course only? Yes, but only if you have completed our classroom portion first. You wouldn’t want to learn how to fly a plane without knowing how to taxi and land. This is also very true for drag racing. It’s the details and mental preparation that really separate the racers from the champions.

*Courses are limited to 8-10 students.


Want to request a location or have us come to your local track and teach your race team or group?
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