Why choose an RSR Air Shifter Kit?

The RSR Air Shift Kit is a modern update to a 30 year old design in air shift systems.  This kit includes a plug and play wiring harness to keep installation simple and trouble free without having to cut, solder or splice into any stock wiring.



  • RSR Air Shift Module
  • RSR Direct Shift Cylinder
  • RSR Sport Spec Power/Arm/Activation Harness 
  • RSR Coil Kill Wiring Harness
  • Air Line and Fittings

Direct Shift Cylinder

The Direct Shift Cylinder is beautifully machined and hard anodized black allowing it to blend into today’s modern sport bikes.  It’s bullet valve solenoid allows quicker and faster shifts with less delay compared to conventional solenoids.

That Moment

All of these features are tied together with a RSR Sport Spec Wiring Harness that features mil-spec wire and flexible, non-flammable, heat-resistant fiberglass sleeving (not that nylon stuff others use).

If you’re looking for a modern and trouble free kit, you’ve found it.

Air Shift Module

The heart of the system is the Air Shift Module that controls engine kill and shift solenoid activation.  This tiny and powerful controller allows full automatic or pushbutton shifting with adjustable kill time per shift and solenoid advance time to ensure perfect and smooth shifts every time.  The easy to read digital display is simple to program without the need for dip switches, rotary switches or RPM chips.